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Red Stripe™ IFAK Patent

Technical Specification


Ambidextrous, zipper free Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) with two external tourniquet sleeves. Red Stripe™ IFAK is durable, compressible, with dual mounting options and a rapidly deployable interior sleeve to carry first aid items.

General Requirements

  • Total weight per Red Stripe™ IFAK is 0.7 lb empty.
  • IFAK comes in Multicam®, Coyote, and Black color with option for colored pull tabs, such as red color.
  • IFAK has excellent abrasion resistance on wet, dry, muddy, highly abrasive surfaces, tarmac, rocks, grass, slippery and undulating ground.
  • IFAK is available in 1000D Nylon/500D packcloth, 1000D Nylon/400D packcloth, 1000D Nylon/420D packcloth combinations depending on color.

Exterior Shell

  • Two (2) Tourniquet sleeves are oriented on opposite sides of the exterior shell, allowing ambidextrous access.
  • Accordingly, the left tourniquet sleeve and the right tourniquet sleeve allows easy and expeditious removal of a tourniquet by either a left-handed or a right-handed user irrespective of the side of the body the IFAK is mounted on.
  • The tourniquet sleeves extend along the length of the exterior shell.
  • Each tourniquet sleeve contains an internal tourniquet strap that allows for rapid tourniquet retraction allowing the tourniquet to protrude enough to grasp.
  • The internal tourniquet strap renders the tourniquet readily accessible while preventing the tourniquet from inadvertently falling from the interior when access is not desired or needed.
  • The tourniquet strap is held secure by hook and loop closure.
  • The exterior shell is elastic and stretchable to impart a variable volume to the interior and facilitate securement of the interior sleeve, as well as maintaining the tourniquets securely.
  • The elasticity is provided by invisible elastic sleeve compression cords in a winding or crisscrossing pattern with the end extending through a typically adjustable, spring-loaded, button-actuated cord stay for selective adjustment.
  • The exterior shell contains a trauma shear sleeve for stowage and is secured by a shear securing strap with hook and loop closure.
  • The exterior shell mounts via MOLLE straps with snaps vertically or 2 belt loops horizontally to the user.

Interior Sleeve

  • Inner sleeve can be removed by a left-handed or right-handed user by ambidextrously grasping left or right sleeve handle loops.
  • The interior sleeve is held closed, in the folded configuration, by a hook and loop sleeve tab fastener.
  • The interior sleeve is divided into 3 sections.
  • Section 1: "bleeding" section contains first aid items for hemorrhage control.
  • Section 2: "breathing" section contains first aid items for airway and breathing problems. Under this section is a mesh pouch for Casualty Card.
  • Section 3: "pill pack" contains a mesh pocket with elastic band for secure placement of a packet with pills and/or medications.
  • Both sections 1 and 2 contain three elastic securing straps that extend across the width of the interior sleeve.
  • Underlying Section 2 is a mesh pocket used to secure a Casualty Assessment Card and a marking pen.
  • All first aid items that can be reused can be replaced in the interior sleeve.


Length (Interior sleeve): 7.0 inches (variable)
Width: 4.00 inches (variable)
Depth: 3.00 inches (variable)

Component/Material Features

Multicam®: 1000D Nylon/500D packcloth combination
Coyote: 1000D Nylon/400D packcloth combination
Black: 1000D Nylon/420D packcloth combination

Recommended Load