Medical transportation in an emergency needs to be efficient, quick, and safe while ensuring continuity of care. Red Stripe™ provides global Medevac services for seamless patient transfer. As a leader in Combat Medicine Training, we are equipped to handle relocation of the elderly, critically ill or injured, nationally and internationally. Whether you need assistance on an international flight or need to airlift someone from a remote area of the world, we are well equipped to handle it.

At Red Stripe™, we have a team of experienced surgeons and specialist physicians. A highly trained medical crew of specialists, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and nurses will be on the flight to cater to every need of the patient. To ensure continuity of care, we will co-ordinate all necessary details with ground and air ambulance services as well as your flight from and to the facility.

Some Medical Reasons that require

Medevac Services


Evacuation Services


Medical Care

Our specialized medical crew provides customized services to meet the specific needs of each patient, ranging from the most basic to advanced critical care. In addition to assistance with oxygen administration, basic monitoring, and medication, our continuing care capabilities include invasive monitoring and treatment. Our medical air service covers:

We also provide seamless obstetric, pediatric, and geriatric medical transfers.

Our medical coordinator will consult with the patient's physician to determine the patient's fitness for air travel and obtain a medical report. This helps us ensure that we have the information necessary to provide patients with the specific care they need. We will also confirm that the receiving facility is ready to receive the patient and check insurance coverage with the healthcare provider or payer.

Why Red Stripe™?

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